Maryssa Beare, MA candidate 

Rinker Therapy and wellness 

**OCTOBER 2021, Currently accepting new clients, Maryssa's caseload is almost closed/on waitlist**

Often people come to therapy because they have had trouble being heard; it is my job to help you find successful ways to build and strengthen communication within yourself and others.  The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted peoples’ mental, emotional, and relational health significantly in unprecedented ways.  I am here to support you through the various ways the pandemic has affected you. Ultimately, it is my belief that everyone deserves wellness and that everyone is just trying to get their needs met. 


I am a systemic trained multicultural therapist; meaning we will look at the many factors (relationships, education, religion, gender, community, culture, etc.) that impact you to best understand and honor you as a whole person.  Remaining curious, empathetic, and highlighting your strengths are other important perspectives I weave into our work together.


I provide therapy for those in partnered relationships (monogamy, non-monogamy, polyamory, etc.), family systems, military-affiliated clients, individual adults, and LGBTQIA2+ clients.  Other therapeutic concerns I address are:

loss and grief, life stages, transitions, anxiety, depression, ADHD, spiritual, and existential concerns.  


As a multi-media art therapist, I am passionate about finding ways to use creative means for healing from various personal traumas. I conduct my art therapy practice in a way that encourages and fosters healing through images and movement, rather than purely verbal communication.  You will be supported in developing creative and resilient responses that best suit your therapeutic needs and goals.


Some of my personal interests include painting, writing, listening to music, and practicing martial arts. I do not like tomatoes, but I like tomato sauce. I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese and American Sign Language. I love spending time with my family and friends, and especially spending time outdoors.


Contact me today, if you feel I am the right fit for you!  Let's collaborate on how best to strengthen your health!


Schedule with me online at, contact Madi at or by calling the RTW business line at 253-350-8763.

Insurance accepted:

*Contact for further information as some insurance coverage is plan specific.

Private Pay:

$50 Individual Therapy

$60 Couples/Relationship/Family Therapy 

*Under supervision of Amy Rinker, MA, LMFT at Rinker Therapy and Wellness (RTW)