Cary Plewka, MA candidate

Cary Plewka is currently working as an Intern Therapist while she is working towards completion of her Master Degree of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy at Seattle University. She utilizes a collaborative and integrated approach in therapy to promote a client-therapist relationship that is built on trust and understanding. She believes that we all have unique backgrounds, stories, and life experiences that contribute to who we are as individuals, how we interact in relationships, and shape the way we experience the world. She enjoys developing an understanding of family history and attachment styles to uncover different ways the past can impact the present. She works with clients to promote new levels of awareness that can lead to improved relationships with the self and others through uncovering strengths and resilience already present within the individual because there can be many occurrences in life that can prevent us from seeing our full potential and strengths.

Prior to becoming a therapist, Cary’s had a career in law with a focus in social justice and families. She always knew that she wanted to work with people and help them get through the difficult seasons of life. After a few years in this field she realized her desire was to work with people not only up to the difficult decisions, but through them and help find new ways of coping. Cary is a PNW native and in her free time she enjoys running, barre, and anything near water. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Fees: $35 per 60 minute session.


To schedule an appointment with Cary, please email admin@edgewoodcounseling.com or call (253) 533-3248.